Priyanka Junior, Degree & PG College

About Us

What We're All About

Priyanka Degree College For Women is a secular, non-profit, scientific educational foundation. It has been established and registered under “GOVT OF TELANGANA”. 

It is an institution for upgradation of poor girls in Urban & Rural areas in sciences and commerce, whose core objective is to contribute to the advancement of human development focusing specially on improvement of quality of life of the weaker sections.

Over a period of time theu our institution has developed an approach to women’s empowerment that combines hard headed educational training  with a specialized curriculum in academics & moral principles. The effort is aimed at producing a group of capable and energized women of today who can return to their places, while supporting themselves and also to undertake local & sustainable efforts.

Our institution has a system which has successfully evolved, a well built system of co-operation, support & the sharing of resources is ensured by different sections of education for women. We emphasize value based education resulting in character moulding with various innovative concepts like skills upgradation & other support programmes organized through its established credentials and a long term commitment in the area of education for women.

Our growth is to give a girl child a new vision, a new heart, a desire to give service, an increased self confidence and an understanding of the connection between service & their own growth and further they are gained skills for a trade by which they can earn an income which is helpful for themselves to become independent & for the community. Our goal is to outreach every field, so that the true aim of education can be met.