Priyanka Junior, Degree & PG College


S.Bhavani, Principal,

M.Sc, M.A, B.Ed & M.B.A

It’s been a busy year and lot of things have been done and organized. Our creative and industrious students have put in their utmost effort to present every angle of their caliber. Our goals this year will be to continue our work on improving our student’s performance and ensuring inclusive excellence, while helping our students to understand the importance of perseverance through growth of mind set.

We encourage our students to get involve in every life activity like voluntary work, leadership, cultural activities etc. Our students are groomed in multi talented persona of the society. We believe that students can and must educate themselves. As educational institution, we are committed to motivational help and support students. We know that true excellence will ensure that preparation and hard work is the standard for our young and dynamic graduates.

Since the opening in 1996, we have enjoyed an open and evolving partnership with our parent community and welcome all parents as supporters of our students and college. We are totally privileged to continue our journey to excellence. It is a pleasure and honor to be the principal of this esteemed educational institution, motivate our students and believe in our faculty and admin staff. Together, as a team, we will make another great year.