Priyanka Junior, Degree & PG College


SV Konda Reddy, Correspondent,

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Over the last two decades, the enhancement of the academics of the college has increased tremendously. The challenges of reinventing new strategies are going on and on. All this was not possible without the faculty. They are the strong pillars of the college.
Some eminent faculties have stood by us in every phase of the college.Faculties with regularity and punctuality stood exemplary to the students. Faculties with dedication and hard work helped every student to be successful. Faculties with excellent flair of writing and speaking skills helped our students to become communicative and expressive. Faculties’ friendly nature and encouragement motivated our students towards the path of success. Faculties with profound subject knowledge did their best to impart it with students. Each and every faculty and admin staff has been a great support to our college.
A note of thankfulness and appreciation to all of them by the management.

Thank You